Rugby Equipment

Traditional rugby union kit

Padding must be light and thin to meet standards. Players also wear a mouthguard to guard against concussion and chipping of the teeth.

Rugby shirt and shorts

Rugby shirts are very strong to counter the tugging and pulling in a game. But they also need to be light and comfortable too. Contemporary shirts use lightweight synthetic materials. Forwards wear shirts that have strengthened areas where their team-mates can hold onto.

The back of a player’s shirt will have his position number. In most scenarios, a sponsor’s logo is on the front of the shirt. There are usually two shirts in use – a ‘Home’ shirt for normal matches and an ‘away’ shirt used when there is a clash with the other team’s colours. Depending on the p[layer’s position, his shirt may be very tight to make it more difficult for the opponent to grab

Rugby shorts are made from heavy-duty cotton, reinforced to take the strains of rugby union. Forwards use special shorts for line-outs that are strengthened to take the strain when when they are lifted.