Rugby Boots

Modern Rugby boots are very similar to football / soccer boots, a slipper with a low profile delivering flexibility with low weight.

Rugby boots generally have studs and for safety reasons, forwards must have studs in their boots.

studs can be made from aluminium or a hard plastic. The design and materials must conform to the IRB regulations

Referees must check all players’ studs before a game to ensure that they all meet the standrd. Studs that are worn must be replaced before a player can join the game. This is to eliminate the potential for a stud causing a wound

Generally there are two types of stud pattern worn: the 8 stud or the 6 stud.

  • The 8 stud is most often worn by the tight forwards (props, hooker and locks) to provide them with extra grip for scrummaging and mauling. The
  • 6 stud is worn by backs as it allows for more agility and quicker movement around the field.

Plastic “blade” studs, common in soccer, are an increasingly frequent choice among backs.